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Uglee Truth

Jun 13, 2021

When it comes to the Ugs, they always come back. "They" being old boyfriends... some of which turned into stalkers. We have stories and name names. Plus, Jamie's mid-life crisis progresses and some celeb gossip turns to a discussion about dick size. Come laugh with us on another episode from the #SistersWhoPodcast. And...

Jun 6, 2021

Broken appliances, fire safety, sex partners, bad birthdays and top chefs. And that's just in the first half of the show! So get ready for a wild episode that concludes with two of our most epic Uglee and Awkward Moments ever. PS: If you haven't already please subscribe, follow and review the show. Thanks for...

May 30, 2021

Jamie and Stephanie drop their take on Chrissy Teigen, Ellen and other "undercover" bitches and that leads to stories about their own bullies. Plus, a discussion about what makes a man attractive and we've got a couple HUglee and Awkward Moments to share too.

May 23, 2021

Stephanie tells us about her celebrity encounter with Michael Douglas and Jamie shares all the rum-filled details of her fancy Hawaiian getaway with Producer Dub. Plus, we talk facial threading, boob lifts and - of course - Uglee and Awkward Moments of the Week. Mahalo for listening HUgs!

May 16, 2021

On this episode the Ugs remember their mom's bad-assery and then Jamie shares her amazing art experience in San Francisco. And we've got another edition of the Good, the Bad and the Uglee... this time around we're talking cocktails... which somehow turns into a concersation about sex toys. Typical Ugs. Thanks...