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Mar 24, 2024

On this episode, the Ugs circle back on the Oscars since they hadn't discussed their favorite parts... fashion and music. Plus, an epiphany about how celebs name their kids and Jamie experiences an awkward moment from the other side. Enjoy the show and please share it with your fellow podcast fans!

Mar 17, 2024

On this episode, Jamie and Producer Dub go to an airshow and see the Blue Angels while Stephanie simply goes to work but manages to see Leo DiCaprio! Listen now and please don't forget to share the show with your sisters and friends.

Mar 17, 2024

The Ugs are catching up on the last several episodes before Season 28 wraps soon. They may have lost interest but that doesn't mean they don't have opinions!

Mar 3, 2024

Tyler, Jamie's oldest spawn and a fellow podcaster, sits in for Stephanie and proceeds to get called out on everything from his sleeping habits to his dream job as a Lighthouse Keeper. Plus a rousing (and disgusting) mother-son edition of 'would you rather' wraps up the show. Thanks for listening!