What is the Uglee Truth? Sisters who decided to venture into the uncharted territory of pod-casting, to see if they're the only one in on their jokes. They'll make you giggle and agree - at least once - with ladies who have absolutely no filter before speaking. As for the two E's in "Uglee"... it's a term of endearment only sisters would understand. Who are the "Uglees"? Four sisters: Jamie, Stephanie, Allison, Paula. For now, the primary podcast players are Jamie and Paula, who both say what you probably think...but would never dare reveal to anyone. A virtual tornado of truth that includes people, places and experiences in their lives. They name names. They don't sugar-coat it.

The Ugs are taking the holiday week off but here are some extras and edits from the last show - including behind the scenes of the big Ug Ancestry reveal. 

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After weeks of waiting, the findings from Paula's DNA test are in and the Ugs open up the ancestry results live on the show. Listen along as we look to answer the question...  how Mexican are we?

Plus some updates from Mother's Day, sex-ed class and Jamie's upcoming adventure in the great outdoors. And, of course, we close with our Uglee and Awkward Moments of the Week! 

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A few edits from our last episode including bonus content you just can't miss. Hint... they involve disco tits and Santa Clause.

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On this week's show the Ugs are mentally preparing for Mother's Day and all the low expectations that go with it. Plus, some spring cleaning leads to the age old question of whether it's ok to donate your lingerie. 

Plus, after their Uglee and Awkward Moments, Paula reveals her son is about to start Sex Ed in school... good times!

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It's the Mother of All Uglee Cuts from our 5th annual Mother of All Episodes. The Ugs had plenty to say about motherhood so you should listen to this nearly 3o minutes of extra Uglee Truth.

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It's the Ugs' 5th Annual episode dedicated to all things "mom". From poopy pants to double dates, Jamie and Paula tell the stories and share the secrets of what makes a good Ug mother.

Plus, like she does every year, Paula shares some Mother's Day gift ideas. Download and listen now before it's too late to get that cheesy gift your mom always wanted.

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Edits and extras from last week's show. Just a little appetizer before we hit ya with Episode 209 dropping as soon as Producer Dub get's off his ass and finishes it!

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We're not sure how to say this so we'll just put it out there... Paula's constipated and Jamie eats with a dog. And that's just the first few minutes of the show! Oh, and of course, you know the Ugs have a take on the Nordstrom Muddy Jeans controversy. So sit back, relax and enjoy a heaping pile of Uglee Truth.

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Here's 7 minutes and 49 seconds of your life you'll never get back. But at least it will be filled with Uglee Truth extras and edits! New episode drops Sunday!

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This week's episode was recorded on #420 so the Ugs share some of their high times. Plus some serious Uglee Truth is dispensed on the latest issue of People Magazine and its list of most beautiful women. 

And, the story you've been waiting a week for, Paula recaps her Easter Dinner with strangers. 

Enjoy the show and thanks for sharing it with your friends.

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