What is the Uglee Truth? Sisters who decided to venture into the uncharted territory of pod-casting, to see if they're the only one in on their jokes. They'll make you giggle and agree - at least once - with ladies who have absolutely no filter before speaking. As for the two E's in "Uglee"... it's a term of endearment only sisters would understand. Who are the "Uglees"? Four sisters: Jamie, Stephanie, Allison, Paula. For now, the primary podcast players are Jamie and Paula, who both say what you probably think...but would never dare reveal to anyone. A virtual tornado of truth that includes people, places and experiences in their lives. They name names. They don't sugar-coat it.

A little extra from the last episode because, when it comes to hobos and teen dating, the Ugs are not short on opinions. Enjoy!

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Welcome to another episode of the Uglee Truth. This week Jamie plans for a sweet 16 party and Paula gives advice on how to get a boy's attention. Plus, you know the Ugs have a take on the Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt break up.

All this and - of course - their Uglee and Awkward Moments of the Week await you. thanks for listening

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Edits and extras from last week's show! Thanks for the listen - watch for an all new episode this Sunday.

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Paula's back and Jamie has plenty to update her on including why there is yet another new animal in her household. Plus one Ug learns what it's like to coach a teenage daughter while the other witnesses her son turning on the charm.

They also catch up on Dancing With the Stars, CM Punk's UFC debut and, of course, their latest Uglee and Awkward Moments of the Week. Enjoy the show!

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Because Producer Dub (who was sitting in for Paula) and Jamie recorded the last episode on the anniversary of 9/11, he and Jamie share their memories of that horrible day on this week's Uglee Cuts.

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This week Jamie has her producer/husband sit in for "Nurse" Paula and they discuss how they had their farm fresh vegetables violated by an unwelcome guest. Plus she throws him a bone and he gets to talk a little sports and cars. And no episode would be complete without Uglee and Awkward Moments of the Week, which (spoiler alert) Jamie wins hands down with a little road rage!

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Remember how episode #176 was about an hour long? You didn't think the Ugs only talked for one hour did you? Hence... this week's Uglee Cuts!

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This new episode is brimming with classic Uglee Truth including real talk about everything from demanding children to high school alma maters. Plus the Ugs look back at their memories of Gene Wilder and chat about Paula's latest TV obsession, Doomsday Preppers.

OH, speaking of TV, you cannot miss Jamie and Paula's take on the cast of the upcoming season of Dancing With The Stars... let's just say they have a "connection" to one of the competitors. We hope you enjoy the episode and pass it along to your friends.

Thanks for listening.


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Unheard cuts from the last episode including a bonus segment where Jamie tries to help an old man at the store... it doesn't end well.

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We're back with this funny new episode where one Ug deals with being "late" and the other loses her pole! Plus the Ugs share some updates on their guilty pleasure TV shows like the Duggars, Masterchef and a new fave, Better Late Than Never.

And, of course, Paula and Jamie will reveal their Uglee and Awkward Moments of the Week which both, coincidentally, involved food.

Thanks for listening everyone and please share the Uglee Truth with your friends.

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