What is the Uglee Truth? Sisters who decided to venture into the uncharted territory of pod-casting, to see if they're the only one in on their jokes. They'll make you giggle and agree - at least once - with ladies who have absolutely no filter before speaking. As for the two E's in "Uglee"... it's a term of endearment only sisters would understand. Who are the "Uglees"? Four sisters: Jamie, Stephanie, Allison, Paula. For now, the primary podcast players are Jamie and Paula, who both say what you probably think...but would never dare reveal to anyone. A virtual tornado of truth that includes people, places and experiences in their lives. They name names. They don't sugar-coat it.

Extras and edits from our so-called "love" episode!

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This week on the show, Jamie and Paula had the good intentions to chat about love and happiness but they're Ugs so it didn't quite work out that way. Instead you get pimple popping, seven minutes in heaven and annoying man habits.

Actually there was some love talk where they share anniversary ideas, their first kiss stories and their take on the show Kiss/Bang/Love... so there's that.

Enjoy the episode, share it with your friends and throw us a positive review on your favorite podcast platform. Thanks H-ugs!

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Extras and screw ups from last week's episode! Just to tie you over 'til we drop 193 this Sunday! Enjoy.

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Paula's back and both Ug households are returning to normal after the holidays... Hallelujah! On this week's show the Ugs talk trolling (with a shocking admission from one sister), resolutions and the UFC. Plus, via a special listener request, they catch up on one of their guilty TV pleasures... Sister Wives.

Of course there's our Uglee and Awkward Moments of the Week too - listen to the end to see who wins!

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Stephanie sat in for Paula on last week's episode and she and Jamie hadn't had a good long Ug chat in awhile... so there's nearly an entire show's worth of Uglee Cuts for ya on #191. 

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Ring in the New Year with the Ugs as Jamie and Stephanie - sitting in for Paula - return from the Christmas break with an all new show. Earthquakes, shocking celeb deaths and a wedding surprise are all on the agenda.

Plus, Jamie reveals her fur fetish and Stephanie doubles up on her Uglee and Awkward Moment at her holiday work party. We hope you enjoy the episode and that you're having a Happy New Year!

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Ok, vacation is over for the Uglee Truth crew... back to work! Here's some Uglee Cuts from our pre-Christmas episode. Then, watch for an all new show later today.

Happy New Year H-Ugs!

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Happy Holidays H-Ugs and thanks for downloading Episode 190. This week Jamie goes to a holiday party that turned into a mini high school reunion and Paula defends her favorite HGTV show.

Plus some Ug memories of Growing Pains and 21st birthdays. And the sisters raise their Uglee and Awkward Moments game this week so make sure you listen 'til the end! Enjoy the show!

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Left over refrigerator rants and extra tow truck talk from last week's episode!

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Both Jamie and Paula had an #ICantEven kind of week so buckle up for this new dose of the Uglee Truth.

Delivery pirates, emo kids and school counselors make up the cast of characters who infiltrated the Ugs' lives and, thus, this week's show. Plus, Paula shares her annual list of gifts you would only give to your enemies and their Uglee and Awkward Moments involve jump starts and beer tips!

Thanks for listening to the show... don't forget to share it with your friends!

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