What is the Uglee Truth? Sisters who decided to venture into the uncharted territory of pod-casting, to see if they're the only one in on their jokes. They'll make you giggle and agree - at least once - with ladies who have absolutely no filter before speaking. As for the two E's in "Uglee"... it's a term of endearment only sisters would understand. Who are the "Uglees"? Four sisters: Jamie, Stephanie, Allison, Paula. For now, the primary podcast players are Jamie and Paula, who both say what you probably think...but would never dare reveal to anyone. A virtual tornado of truth that includes people, places and experiences in their lives. They name names. They don't sugar-coat it.

Jamie is in a mood to kick off this week's episode and it's Producer Dub's fault. Paula is in one too due to the sudden realization that public school isn't at all free. But everything comes out ok "in the end" when they share anal sex stories and tips.

Plus, of course, they have their Uglee and Awkward Moments of the Week... all of this and more jammed into one fun-filled episode of the Uglee Truth. Enjoy!

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This week on the Uglee Truth, Jamie recaps her and Producer Dub's time at postseason game between the Giants and the Cubs and shares her knowledge of the "curse of the goat" with Paula. Plus, by way of a listener request, the Ugs explain the Uglee tradition of the "lip and clip". Then, just before some great Uglee and Awkward Moments, they talk a little crazy celeb news including Alecia Keys, Tori Spelling and - craziest of them all - Corey Feldman.

We hope you enjoy and share the show. Our listeners are the best! We love ya.

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Some funny edits from the last episode plus and entire bonus segment on how the Ugs want to start a fighter's union for the UFC. Um, what?

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The Ugs love themselves some cowboy movies and this week Jamie talks about seeing the Magnificent 7 remake. Then, Paula explains how she - and pretty much every mom - would handle seeing one of those scary clowns at her kids' school.

Plus, the Ugs don't see eye to eye on whether the robbery of Kim Kardashian was real or a hoax. Which one of them will be right? 

Enjoy the show and thanks for listening to the Uglee Truth.

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Producer Dub didn't forget to post Uglee Cuts this week, I don't know what you're talking about. ;)

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This week on an all new Uglee Truth, Jamie wonders if she has a lawsuit coming her way and the Ugs try and figure out when getting asked to Homecoming became such an elaborate production. Plus Paula shares the 19 gross habits girls have that are "completely normal" which, of course, leads to some embarrassing Ug revelations.

Don't miss this one H-Ugs and please continue to share the UGLEE TRUTH with your friends!

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A little extra from the last episode because, when it comes to hobos and teen dating, the Ugs are not short on opinions. Enjoy!

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Welcome to another episode of the Uglee Truth. This week Jamie plans for a sweet 16 party and Paula gives advice on how to get a boy's attention. Plus, you know the Ugs have a take on the Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt break up.

All this and - of course - their Uglee and Awkward Moments of the Week await you. thanks for listening

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Edits and extras from last week's show! Thanks for the listen - watch for an all new episode this Sunday.

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Paula's back and Jamie has plenty to update her on including why there is yet another new animal in her household. Plus one Ug learns what it's like to coach a teenage daughter while the other witnesses her son turning on the charm.

They also catch up on Dancing With the Stars, CM Punk's UFC debut and, of course, their latest Uglee and Awkward Moments of the Week. Enjoy the show!

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