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Feb 5, 2023

On this episode, the Ugs give their takes on QBs in the NFL inluding how the Raiders did Derek Carr dirty and Tom Brady's re-retirement. Plus, the changes brought on by menopause, celebrity encounters and our Uglee & Awkward Moments of the Week. Thanks for listening! Don't forget to drop us a review and share the...

Jan 29, 2023

Every now and then Jamie and Stephanie will start recording before they actually start the show. What they don't know is Producer Dub hoards these nuggets of hilarity until there's a good day to share them... today is that day. So, please enjoy some pre-show banter from the Ugs!

Jan 29, 2023

On this episode, Stephanie's dog delivers a gift to her in bed and Jamie has a whole list of "would you rather" scenarios... including one involving a 5 minute resurrection. Plus, as if that wasn't enough death talk, the Ugs discuss their plans for how they want to go out. Enjoy the show!

Jan 23, 2023

On this episode, Jamie reveals something about Stephanie's childhood that Stephanie did not know. Plus the Ugs talk some Sister Wives, some true crime and some award shows. We hope you enjoy the episode. Keep listening and remember to tell your fellow podcast fanatics to listen too!

Jan 15, 2023

Another epic milestone episode for the Uglee Truth - 600! On the show, the Ugs unlock some core childhood memories after Jamie was recently triggered by the lack of toilet paper in her bathroom. Plus we chat about grocery stores, Sister Wives and how sleeping alone is rare and beautiful. Oh, and of course, our Uglee and...