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Sep 25, 2023

On this episode, Jamie and Stephanie talk about Swifties taking over the NFL, how TikTok is causing them trauma and the great hormone decision. Listen now and share the love and laughter that is the Uglee Truth podcast!

Sep 17, 2023

It's a Dub-sub episode with Jamie's producer/husband sitting in to discuss Taylor Swift's sloppy seconds and how the Hollywood strike is impacting the celeb world. Plus, an Uglee & Awkward moment that sucks, literally. Thanks for listening!

Sep 10, 2023

On #630... Jamie and Stephanie discuss the famous men they'd feel safe in a room alone with. Plus, vampire movie memories, hilarious video conference fails and we reveal our next reality TV show mini-series bonus episodes. Thanks for listening and don't forget to tell your friends about our show!

Sep 5, 2023

Jamie and Stephanie finally get together to discuss the final episode of Alone - Season 10 on the History Channel. Hear their take on both the winner and the season as a whole. Plus, they reveal the next series they'll watch and share spoiler filled mini-episodes about!

Sep 3, 2023

The Ugs were not Parrotheads but that doesn't mean they don't have some margarita-filled Jimmy Buffett memories. Also on this episode... walking the dogs, celebrity news and Jamie's Uglee and Awkward Moment of the Week makes a splash.