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Sep 29, 2013

Your favorite ladies of laughter are back with a new episode featuring special tips on how to throw up when you really need to, penis spray and a review of the Uglees' top 5 sexy celebrity chefs. Plus, the long-awaited answer to the question, who is smarter at geography... Jamie or Paula?

Sep 22, 2013

Paula powers through a cold and Jamie "judges" everyone in this 32nd episode of The Uglee Truth. Download and enjoy the latest Ug tales of garage sale customers, female sportscasters, moronic pedestrians, trampoline dangers and, last but not least, Miss America pageant contestants.

Sep 15, 2013

This week's episode of The Uglee Truth marks the Grand Opening of the UGLEE MALL. It's the perfect place to buy the world's greatest vibrator... the Bullet! Also, Jamie prepares for a birthday party and a house full of teenage girls, Paula's OCD is on display while getting ready for her garage sale and, last but...

Sep 8, 2013

This week Jamie and Paula, for the first time in Uglee Truth history, have a special guest on the show. Producer Dub joins the sisters for some Q&A and storytelling about the most recent of his annual camping trips (aka the "Mantrip"). Let's see how long he lasts before he runs back to the hills. Also: Jamie heads back...

Sep 1, 2013

After a "MANdated", weeklong hiatus, the Uglee Sisters are back in action. In this episode Jamie tells of her epic appointment at the eye doctor and Paula tells tales of her battle with poison oak and 'roid rage children. Plus, the Ugs embark on a social gathering that they are just not well suited for. It's all in this...