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Jul 24, 2024

Thanks to you, our new Sideshow experiment is being very well received so we're going to do them more regularly (hence the episode # being added) and expand the content to any reality TV that we're watching at the time. On this episode we continue with the latest on Alone and we check in on America's Sweethearts, the...

Jul 22, 2024

On this week's show the Ugs talk about what makes for a great (or terrible) restaurant experience. Plus, Jamie hasa spoiler free take on the new summer flick, Twisters (and a hot take on one of its stars) and the Ugs go on a rant about getting older. Join us for a solid 30 minutes of laughter and complaining won't...

Jul 15, 2024

Producer Dub sits in to hear Jamie talk about her new Pokémon Go friend and the recent passing of several celebs including Dr. Ruth, Richard Simmons and 90210 star, Shannen Doherty. Then, the Producer takes center stage. Wait until you hear this story! Thanks for listening.

Jul 7, 2024

Jamie recaps her and Producer Dub's first trip ever to Chicago. It was a Ferris Bueller type weekend filled with art, baseball and a really fancy dinner. And, of course, airplane adventures. Thanks for listening. Make sure to subscribe on your podcast platform so you never miss a show!

Jul 4, 2024

The Ugs are lighting some fireworks on this Sideshow episode by combining the finale of Top Chef Season 21 with the first few episodes of Alone season 11. Thanks for listening to our reality TV rants!