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Aug 30, 2017

Edits and extras from Episode 224: Steroids, Sex Monkeys and Standing Decks

Aug 27, 2017

You can guess where this episode is going when Jamie opens with a dick pic story. It only gets better from there as the sisters wonder what would happen if they took steroids and why a new poll shows women only orgasm 65% of the time.

Plus, Paula finally finds a dress for her high school reunion and the Ugs talk about...

Aug 26, 2017

#UgleeCuts from last week's show. New full episode drops Sunday!

Aug 22, 2017

The Ugs recorded this week's episode just as the solar eclipse was happening so it may get a little wacky.

For example, Jamie shares her Jerry Lewis telethon memories and that leads to a discussion of how she wants an "old days" style funeral. Then Paula shares how she partied hard at a Huey Lewis concert and took her...

Aug 16, 2017

Some edits from the last episode plus bonus content including Chris Pratt, Anna Faris and, for whatever reason, Jamie sings Martika.